Luca: A Dragon’s Tale

We just started working on a platform adventure called Luca: A Dragon’s Tale. It is a fun platform adventure aimed at kids. The hero is Luca, a young water dragon who’s mom is taken by Land Crabs. You must help save Luca’s mom and restore balance to the entire underwater world by taking down the Land […]

Luca with friends

A warm welcome to our new artist – Laura Louise Bell

For our next project we have the pleasure of welcoming Laura Louise Bell to our team. Laura has a BA in computer character animation and a masters degree in concept art for games and animation. She will mainly be working on character design and 2D-animation, and will most likely have a hand in most of the […]

First prototype of Wizard’s Apprentice is finished!

The last couple of months we have been working on an early prototype for Ardic Games‘ Wizard’s Apprentice. It will be an educational game, but not in the traditional sense. Wizard’s Apprentice is first and foremost an exciting and hilariously funny adventure RPG for kids age 8-12, with a side effect of providing language training. There […]

A first look at the Wizard's Apprentice, the game we are making with Ardic Games.

NM i GamePlay 2015

    We entered a national game jam called the Norwegian championship of GamePlay (NM i GamePlay) this year for the first time. The winner receives a 100.000NOK grant for a gamedev project of their choice as well as 50.000NOK worth of advertising. It is also lots of fun and you get to meet a […]

New webspace =)

We are proud to present our new web pages, take a look around, and make sure to let us know what you think! And keep an eye on this blog, we’ll be posting progress on our projects as well as other things concerning Noor Studios and gamedev in general. We might do some tutorials too, […]