Besieged is an idea we have for a different style of strategy game. The idea originally came from a National game jam we entered in January 2015, where we made this very raw prototype. As of right now this prototype is not anywhere near finished. The graphics are placeholders, the game itself is severely unbalanced, and even the crude idea of the game is not communicated very well.  On top of that win/loose conditions seem somewhat arbitrary to the player (although they are not).

So why are we sharing this?

Because we feel that buried within this mess of a prototype there might be a new and special take on the strategy genre. That this could actually turn into something interesting if we put some time and effort into developing the concept further. But then again we might just be blinded by our game jam haze of “This will be epic!”-ness.

So our question to you is simple: Should we go further down this road? Please give the prototype a try, and see if you feel it deserves a chance.



But first, read the instructions, otherwise this will be a very confusing experience.



You are in control of a hospital in the Blue nation that happens to be under siege by Red, a vicious and greedy occupying nation. You are no politician, nor an army leader. You are simply concerned with getting supplies to your hospital. Unfortunately Red controls the border crossings, and will stop all your trucks to “inspect” them, usually taking their share of your supplies.

There is another way. You can get supplies through tunnels made in the wall Red put up on your border. While tunnels are not inspected this is still a slow way of getting supplies as diggers have to walk back and forth to the tunnels and can’t carry as much as a truck. Also Red patrols will close tunnels and kill diggers if they stumble upon them.

A third solution is to distract the border guards. This is done by firing rockets. The guards will run off to check out the damage of the blast. But be careful, if your rocket hits Red targets it will damage your reputation in the rest of the world, and lower the diplomatic pressure put on Red to work toward a peaceful resolution.

There are random attacks by planes and tanks that increase if the relationship between Red and Blue worsens.

You win by keeping the hospital running until Red and Blue achieve peace. While you have no direct influence on the peace process there are ways to influence public opinion in the rest of the world, and thus increase the international diplomatic pressure for peace. Red does not allow journalists into Blue territory, but you can recruit your own Documentors that make movies which are smuggled out through tunnels. Great movies will sway the public opinion in your favour and increase diplomatic pressure.

You loose if your hospital runs out of supplies.


Characters and how to use them

All characters are bought or recruited at the Hospital, click on it to get the recruit menu.

Trucks are important. They get you supplies, provided you get them past the border guards. They will start looking for supplies as soon as you buy them (self running).

Diggers make your tunnels. Click a digger and press T to place a tunnel on the Red walls. While not busy digging new tunnels they will go look for supplies automatically.

Distractors can distract border guards by firing rockets. Press A to aim. Try not to hit Red, or the world gets angry at you. After firing rocket you need to go back to the hospital to reload. Click the hospital while distractor is selected.

Documentors will automatically start filming once recruited. When a movie is done the documentor will try to smuggle it out through one of the tunnels. Movies is the way to get the world on your side.

At any time right-click will unselect.


Camera controls

Pan with arrows

Zoom with scroll wheel

Rotate by holding Alt and moving the mouse.


How to win

As mentioned the game is currently extremely unbalanced (We only worked on it a week). So there is a winning strategy that nearly always works: Recruit a lot of Documentors in the beginning. Buy 3 trucks or more, and recruit 2-3 Distractors. Make sure to have the Distractors fire rockets right before the trucks reach the border to avoid inspection.

Of course if we develop the game further the balancing is one of the major issues we need to tackle. There should not be an obvious winning strategy or the game becomes boring, just as Tic-Tac-Toe looses its charm once you learn how to beat it.  Also at this point there is almost no use for Diggers. This is one of the reasons why we want to share this idea before we even started working on it.


How to help

If we are going to make this game we will need lots and lots of help testing, and that is where you come in. If you like the idea and want to help, please join our email list. If enough people think it’s an awesome idea and want to pitch in we will go ahead with this.

Also, feel free to share any ideas and comments in the comment section below.


That’s it, we will shut up now and let you try for yourself ;)


NB: Run the game in full screen mode, otherwise unselect and camera controls do not work properly (right-click the game window and choose fullscreen)!