If you are in need of a programmer, animator, sound designer, concept artist, 3D-artist, or just someone to make a game for you, contact us for a quote!

Who we are

Noor Studios is an independent game development studio. The company was founded in 2012 by Maja C. Maher and her husband. They first established the studio in Montreal, Canada Where Maja had just finished her Masters in Robotics and intelligent systems, and where her husband has been developing start-ups for years already. Since fall 2014 Noor Studios has moved to Maja’s birthplace: Akershus, Norway, and is currently in the process of establishing a larger team as our permanent staff.

What we believe

Games are magical. They are amazing story telling tools, where your audience becomes part of the story. Games for us is an art form, a passion, and a unique medium that when used right can move your inner emotions, and tell truths that are too difficult to put into words.


What we do

Noor Studios is currently working on The Wizard’s Apprentice together with Ardic Games. It is an educational adventure game for use in Norwegian schools, designed to teach children English in a fun and engaging way.

We are also planning our next in-house production, a narrative adventure game where morals and choices are central to the story line.

For more info about our current and upcoming projects visit our Games page.