Monthly Archives: January 2015

First prototype of Wizard’s Apprentice is finished!

The last couple of months we have been working on an early prototype for Ardic Games‘ Wizard’s Apprentice. It will be an educational game, but not in the traditional sense. Wizard’s Apprentice is first and foremost an exciting and hilariously funny¬†adventure RPG for kids age 8-12, with a side effect of providing language training. There […]

A first look at the Wizard's Apprentice, the game we are making with Ardic Games.

NM i GamePlay 2015

    We entered a national game jam called the Norwegian championship of GamePlay (NM i GamePlay) this year for the first time. The winner receives a 100.000NOK grant for a gamedev project of their choice as well as 50.000NOK worth of advertising. It is also lots of fun and you get to meet a […]